Service Opportunities

We welcome skilled people who would like to help us with all the things a publisher does. We need translators, editors, proofreaders, indexers, writers, artists, photographers, designers, IT experts, production supervisors, sales managers, sales representatives, publicists, and more.

Our paid positions are few – we rely mainly on volunteers. Although we do provide basic needs for some volunteers, the main reward for serving at the BBT is spiritual. The BBT’s mission is to spread transcendental knowledge, and if you have any of the above skills and some time to give, we invite you to share in the joy and satisfaction working for our mission can bring you.

Like to help in some way? Please get in touch with the BBT representative nearest you.

Programs for ISKCON’s youth

The BBT is committed to training and engaging ISKCON youth in services that pertain to publishing. You may wish to make Krishna conscious publishing your life and soul. Or you might wish to spend some time with the BBT and receive practical training and experience that will be useful for your career. Either way, to find out more about serving with the BBT, please get in touch with your nearest BBT representative.